jQuery templates vs. MVC Partial Views


Now that jQuery templates are becoming popular, many ASP.NET developers are using them on their sites. We know that both jQuery templates and partial views can achieve same result. There are even many blog posts that cover the details of jQuery templates, so I am not going to explain them here. Instead, I am going to show you when it is convenient to use jQuery templates and/ or partial views.

Client-side templates vs. partial views

As you might know, jQuery templates can be thought as client-side view engine. Sometimes jQuery templates can complicate your code and may not bring you any benefit at all. They can be handy though if you know when to use them. Here are some guidelines that will help you decide:


Recall that jQuery templates are much more flexible than partial views, but also more tedious. Sometimes they are not necessary and sometimes they are really handy. It is a trade-off between flexibility and complexibility. But you can also mingle between partial views and jQuery templates in your website.